Seven Sisters Quilt Show 2017

Quilt Show Applications

These files are only for use by members of the Almond Country Quilt Guild, Bear Valley Quilt Guild, Central Coast Quilt Guild, Gold Coast Quilters, Santa Maria Valley Quilt Guild and SLO Quilters.

  1. If you are opting to participate in the Judged portion of the show, use the Judging Application on the back of the Quilt Application, and a check will be required for all Judged Quilt Applications upon submission.
  2. You can download and fill in the MS Word file on your computer, print and sign it to submit to your Guild's Acquisitions Representative, or you can print the PDF file and fill it in with pen and ink, sign and submit to your Guild's Acquisitions Representative. Bith will require an accurate 4x6 picture of your quilt.
  3. Please read the Guidelines, they will answer all of your questions.

Guidelines for Entry in the 2017 Seven Sisters Quilt Show

Seven Sisters Participating Guild Members Only~

Quilt Application Word File

PDF Fill-In Quilt Application

Quilt Application Hard Copy Print PDF

Seven Sisters Participating Guild Members Only~
Garment Application word document

Garment Application PDF

Seven Sisters Participating Guild Members Only~
Memorial Quilt Application word document
(Please see Entry Guidelines for Applicable Policies)

Memorial Application PDF

Challenge Quilt Application (For Members of Participating Guilds Only)

1) PLEASE print a copy for your guild's AQUISITIONS REPRESENTATIVE so that she has a hard copy of your application and your picture. Acquisitions needs a hard copy so they can properly identify your quilt at submission, set-up and take-down, so your work of art can be shown, and so that your work of art can be returned to you.

Please also print a copy for yourself.

2) Please measure your quilt accurately and include any and all embellishments, decorations, fringe, etc hanging off of your quilt within your measurements or it will not fit within the space planned.

3) Please make sure your quilt submission has a 4" finished sleeve that goes as close to the edge of the quilt as possible so it hangs beautifully at the show. If you are not sure how to make a sleeve or have any questions at all about sleeves, please see your AQUISITIONS REPRESENTATIVE for your guild and she will help you with this very important part of your quilt submission.

4) Please submit no more than three applications, for three different quilts per person, and indicate which one of the three should be first, second and third choice. No matter how may guilds you belong to, we can only accept three quilt submissions from any one person.

5) Please use the garment application for all wearable submissions.

6) Have fun! We look forward to viewing your works of art!

The Hard Copy Printable Applications are offered here in Adobe PDF format and can be downloaded with Adobe Reader. If you do not have Adobe Reader, or have not updated your version in a long time, please click the Adobe Reader Image below to be taken to a free download page.

All Applications-for participating guild members only-Thank you


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