Associated Quilt Guilds of the Central Coast (AQGCC)
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The Seven Sisters Quilt Show

Young Quilters...We Want You!

Youth Quilts Exhibit

Seven Sisters Quilt Show wants to attract younger people to the art of quilting.  Beginning with the 2017 Show, there will be special display space available for the display of quilts made by individuals whose ages are between 8 and 18 at the time of the completion of the quilt.  Quilts may be of any style.  The size of quilt will not exceed 240 inches around the perimeter. These quilts will be divided into categories for age 8 - 10; 11- 14; and 15 - 18 years of age. 



To enter a quilt, the quilt maker must be a member of a Guild participating in the Show in the year of the entry.

The quilt must be made by the youth with appropriate supervision.  If desired, the quilting may be done by a second party who is acknowledged in the application.

All other quilt entry policies for adult quilts (such as labels, sleeves, sent in a pillowcase, due dates) apply to these entries.


Support from the City of San Luis Obispo